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CMIC provides generous company benefits to ensure that employees and their families can live with peace of mind. In addition to the Benefit Station, which offers routine services, the company has a wide range of systems that offer support for life stage changes and other emergencies.

Benefit Station

We have introduced Benefit Station - a welfare service program designed to ensure that employees can also enjoy their private time. Offering services in an abundant range of categories, Benefit Station can be utilized in various scenes irrespective of lifestyle. For example, employees can enjoy discounts in such areas as leisure, entertainment and cuisine, or they can receive support for childcare or family nursing care, or they can start studying languages or qualifications in order to improve their skills.

Benefit Station

Various Systems

  • Marriage and Childbirth Congratulatory Payments

    Congratulatory payments are made to employees who get married or give birth.

  • Shareholding Association

    This lets employees purchase and hold stocks of CMIC.

  • Disaster Relief Payments

    Payments are made in cases where employees suffer damage due to natural disasters (typhoon, earthquake, etc.), accidents or manmade disasters.

  • Injury and Sickness Benefits

    Benefits are provided through health insurance in cases where employees take leave due to disease or injury.

  • Defined Contribution Pension Plan

    This system enables employees to personally manage pension assets accrued based on monthly premiums paid by the company.

  • Nest-egg Savings

    This system allows employees to save money and develop assets in readiness for important life events.