Working Environment


To ensure that each employee can exhibit their ability to the maximum, CMIC provides a workplace environment that allows employees to flexibly select their working style according to their individuality and lifestyle. Various systems, which respect work and household balance and employee autonomy, enable each employee to continue designing their ideal career.

Women Empowerment

  • Childcare Leave Program

    The first 5 days of leave are paid. Leave can be extended until a child reaches 3 years of age if necessary.

  • Short Working Hour System

    For employees with children up to the end of third grade at elementary school, prescribed daily working hours can be shortened in 30-minute (Minimal working hours per day: 5 hours).

  • Child Nursing Care Leave Program

    Employees can take up to 5 days a year. Leave can be taken in 1-hour units.

  • Care Leave Program

    For employees with children in elementary school, paid leave can be taken in 1-hour units for the purpose of taking care of sick children or participating in school events, etc.

Diverse Working Styles

  • Teleworking System

    Depending on work conditions, employees can work from home.

  • Free Address System

    Because employees often work on jobs in teams according to separate projects, we implement more flexible working styles.

  • Flextime

    Employees are free to decide their own work start and finish times (core time: 11:00-15:00).

  • Challenge Leave

    When the company gives permission, employees can utilize this system for activities aimed at developing their own abilities.

  • Side Jobs and Side Businesses

    Employees are free to engage in side jobs and side businesses (advance application is required).

  • Annual Paid Leave

    This is granted on the day an employee joins the company. Annual paid leave can be taken in half-day units.

  • Special Carryover Leave

    In cases where employees cannot work due to disease, injury or nursing care obligations, etc., this system allows paid leave that has been unused and lapsed to be taken.

  • Refreshment Leave

    Apart from paid leave, 3 days of refreshment leave are also granted per year.