About Business Development

Major duties of our Business Development associates include liaising with pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, academic research organizations (ARO), and bio ventures in Japan and overseas. To provide services related to the development of drugs/medical devices, etc. and post-marketing operations, etc., our Business Development associates collect information on changes in legislation and regulations, recent developments in the healthcare industry, and progress in investigational products , etc. They also create project proposals, and undertake discussions, coordination and contract procedures, etc. with internal and external stakeholders. They take the initiative in negotiations with clients as representatives of CMIC.

  • Our clients comprise major pharmaceutical manufacturers, bio ventures and researchers from institutions in Japan and overseas.
  • Our Business Development associates have the opportunity totouch on the latest development information of drugs, medical devices, and more.

Scope of Work Scope of Work

    • Provide information on CMIC and an outline of our business activities to potential and existing clients
    • Clarify clients' needs and responding to inquiries
    • Obtain detailed information about the scope of work, reason for outsourcing, etc.
    • Explain the scope of work to responsible business departments
    • Prepare cost estimates and written proposals and manage contract negotiations
    • Scale of business negotiations range from 1 million yen to billions of yen
  • There are also cases where our Business Development associates can utilize their English ability in communication with overseas clients.

Skill Necessary Knowledge and Skills

  • Good writing skillsto accurately convey information
  • Interest in the mechanism of the human body, medical care, health, and the healthcare industry in general
  • Logical thinking ability
  • Negotiation skills and patience (ability to build relations with customers, coordinate work with personnel in business departments, etc.)
  • General business skills
  • Communication, presentation and management skills

Skill Knowledge and Skills gained on the job

  • Ability to hold discussions with clients, ability to facilitate internal meetings, ability to communicate and form common understanding with personnel in charge of wide-ranging work
  • Ability in researching and gaining insights from various sources of Information
  • Fundamental GxP knowledge (GCP, GVP, GPSP and legal knowledge necessary for commercial transactions)
  • High caliber to build mutual trust with clients and other stakeholders
  • Have a good network of personal connections

Career Paths Career Path Examples

  • Ms.A

    • Business Development
    • Pharmacovigilance / Safety information managemenet (internal transfer)
  • Mr. B

    • Business Development
    • Regulatory Affairs Consulting (internal transfer)
    • transfer to another subsidiary of CMIC Group
  • Mr. C

    • Business Development
    • transfer to another subsidiary of CMIC Group
  • Mr. D

    • Business Development
    • Clinical Research Associate for clinical trials (internal transfer)

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As of March 31, 2023