About CMIC


CMIC’S CREED is a written expression of the original ideas of our founder, Kazuo Nakamura, who established the first CRO (Contract Research Organization) in Japan. It may be described as the DNA of CMIC.
To respond flexibly to diversifying needs in the medical and healthcare field, we must flexibly change ourselves without fearing innovation. At the same time, we must maintain continual devotion to CMIC’s Creed, which is both a standard for each one of us to make value judgments and a foundation for our behaviors. Thus, we change ourselves while holding true to this enduring core belief.

Our Creed

CMIC Group will bring innovation to healthcare so that all people,
regardless of age, gender or race,
can live their one and only lives according to their own will.

Whether in youth, when potential has yet the blossom,
or in later years,
when the fruits of one’s life are maturing,
every individual has an equally earnest desire to live every moment to its fullest.
We wish to genuinely answer each and every one of
these wills to live.

To achieve this, we aspire to always challenge ourselves for a better future.
By evolving and gaining new perspectives,
we will create value out of our unwavering determination,
and continue to contribute to society and humanity.