About CMIC


Based on the founding spirit espoused in "CMIC's CREED," CMIC Group has established three axes, that is, Mission, Vision, and Values, to signify its direction. By demonstrating our corporate mission and our corporate ideal regarding how we should contribute to society, sharing what kind of values we should apply to our behaviors, and heightening the Group's total capability, we are committed to pursuing the creation of social values that will widely contribute to people's health and the progress of medicine.

CMIC is an innovative and unique provider of high-quality solutions for the healthcare industry.
We create value by accelerating the access to therapies that improve patients’ lives.

To advance the innovation of products and solutions that will empower people worldwide
to achieve greater health and well-being.

Challenge Communication Change WELLBEING


Fully Live Every Moment


Transform without seeking refuge in conventional wisdom


Liberate opportunity by changing our vantage point


Proactively reach out to people and society