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CMIC Group

  • Japan's first CRO company

    CMIC was the first company in Japan that started providing CRO (Contract Research Organization) services in 1992, and it continues to take on challenges as a pioneer and leading company.

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  • Involvement in the development of approximately
    80% of new drugs in Japan

    Because CMIC is endowed with almost all functions from development and manufacturing to sales and marketing of drugs, etc., it provides solutions tailored to needs and is an indispensable presence for creating new pharmaceuticals.

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  • Development support in cutting-edge fields

    CMIC works on numerous innovative biomedicines and products in regenerative medicine, etc. for academia (research institutions within universities), bio ventures and the like. Moreover, through supporting the development of drugs by overseas clients towards approval in Japan, we contribute to the provision of medicines for treating numerous rare diseases.

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  • (Solutions that offer)
    Coverage from development to post-market services

    We provide solutions that are tailored to all of the issues and needs of clients from development through to post-market services for drugs, medical devices, regenerative medicine products, etc. Together with our clients, we strive to maximize the value of products.

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  • New services
    via digitization

    Among our services that leverage the latest digital technologies, we implement DCT (Decentralized Clinical Trial - a way to conduct clinical trial without dependence on visits to medical institutions), provide virtual clinical trial systems, etc. in collaboration with technology vendors, and utilize electronic prescription record services developed by harmo Co., Ltd. (a CMIC Group company) in clinical trials.

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  • Global business deployment

    For overseas clients aiming to enter the Japanese market, we provide ICCC (In-Country Clinical Caretaker) services, whereby we undertake all clinical development activities on behalf of the client. We also provide MAH (Marketing Authorization Holder) services, whereby we undertake the designated manufacturing and sales of drugs on behalf of clients.
    Moreover, possessing offices throughout Asia, we take the initiative in conducting development strategy consultation, project management, pharmaceutical solutions, and provide monitoring services across 13 countries in the region.

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  • Abundantly experienced healthcare
    human resources

    Endowed with more than 30 years of development achievements and know-how covering a wide range of diseases, CMIC has experts who are active in every field.

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  • Availability of diverse career paths and
    development plans

    Career paths are available in various job categories including Clinical Research Associate, Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Pharmacovigilance. Moreover, we are the largest pharmaceutical consulting service provider in Japan, and we also offer training plans for consultants to exhibit a high level of expertise.

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