About CMIC

Creating something from nothing
for the sake of patients

Representative Director and CEO

Mitake Akihisa

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Chapter 01
History of CMIC

Our philosophy of "For the patient" will never change.

All of our activities have one objective - to deliver the latest medical care to patients as quickly as possible.

I joined CMIC in 1993.
Before I joined, I worked as a Clinical Research Associate for a pharmaceutical company. However, pharmaceutical companies are only capable of independently developing a limited number of pharmaceuticals. Since I liked clinical development work, I was very attracted by the business of CMIC, which "can develop pharmaceuticals for all pharma companies" and decided to join.

CMIC at that time was still only one year old and had only 11 employees, including part-time workers. In those days, the term CRO (Contract Research Organization) didn't even exist.
Immediately after joining the company, I compiled a standard operating procedure (SOP) and we started to receive contract development work from pharmaceutical companies from the next year. I was involved in the first such project as a project leader.
Since then, in addition to Clinical Research Associate work, I have experienced clinical planning, sales, data management, statistical analysis, and clinical study system building.

Ever since its establishment, CMIC has placed importance on "creating something from nothing.". I, too, have taken on challenges in areas in which I have no experience or for which there is no precedent.
It is important to always remember the fundamental objective of "to deliver the latest medical care to patients as quickly as possible," while discarding preconceived notions and taking a flexible approach to finding ways to achieve the goal.

Chapter 02
CMIC's Ever-Growing Evolution

Major opportunities emerging amidst dramatic changes in the medical care industry

CMIC - Leveraging strengths to pursue even greater evolution

With the medical care industry currently in the midst of massive change, CMIC's know-how is strongly needed for the development of cutting-edge medical technologies.
Regenerative medicine, gene therapy, medical devices that leverage wearable terminals, etc. - these and other technologies that were previously inconceivable are emerging one after another. Development of such technologies is conducted not only by major pharmaceutical companies and medical instrument manufacturers that possess an extensive track record, but also by bio ventures in Japan and overseas, academia (research institutes inside universities, etc.), companies conducting business outside of the medical industry, and other clients.

Meanwhile, CMIC Group has business strengths that enable it to fully cover the value chain of pharmaceutical companies from preclinical and clinical development to manufacture, sale, and marketing. With more and more clients seeking CMIC's technology and know-how, we are receiving more orders, including those for development consulting.

CMIC's diverse technology and know-how are unique assets. Through further developing and evolving these assets, we aim to contribute to the medical industry and thus all people and thereby ensure that the latest medical technologies emerging at home and overseas are made available to patients in Japan.

Chapter 03
Human Resources Needed in CMIC

Ability to dynamically leverage know-how and data amassed over 30 years since founding

We seek people who can envision "the things they want to do" in CMIC

CMIC has amassed abundant know-how and various achievements and data over 30 years since its founding. We consider the issue of how we develop these things in the next age to be important.
We are moving forward while exploring numerous possibilities, including provision of new value through consolidating and analyzing data amassed by each department, improvement of work processes based on cooperation with departments and group companies, proposal of unprecedented operations, and digitization and enhanced efficiency of various operations.

Since we have complete training systems, new recruits do not need to have expert knowledge when they enter the company.
We are looking for persons with flexible thinking and the desire to take on new challenges and who can envision "the things they want to do" in CMIC.
We want employees to take a broad outlook and actively engage even in areas where no precedent exists.
So long as it benefits patients, it is even possible to change the rules.
We have medical experts and cooperative colleagues who can think and act together with a view to finding "what we need to do to make things possible."

We gladly welcome challenges and even failures that are intended to improve the current situation.
Please join us in together "creating something from nothing."

Representative Director and CEO

Mitake Akihisa