Working Environment


CMIC Group has a group-wide training program in addition to the training programs offered by each Group company.
In the group-wide training program, employees learn about CMIC Group's vision and business model.
In training that bridge across multiple Group companies, we provide unique education opportunities such as the "Kobuchisawa Academy", where employees can work in an environment away from their regular routines, and "Nakamura Juku", which is an in-housebusiness school for training selected executive officers. We help our employees hold broad perspective and high-level expertise and grow according to their respective individualities."


Kobuchisawa Academy

Kobuchisawa Academy, located in Kobuchisawa Town of Yamanashi Prefecture, is a multipurpose facility that can be used for training, workcations, welfare activities and so on.
This facility lets visitors obtain hints and realizations that will bring about reform in healthcare through participating in face-to-face discussions amidst naturally abundant surroundings away from their offices and homes.

  • Introspection and self-disclosure

    Opportunities are provided for participants to leisurely review and reconsider business and team affairs and their own selves in the past, present and future.

  • Teambuilding

    By bringing together diverse human resources from different Group companies to hold discussions on common themes, the goal is to nurture mutual understanding and trust relationships and build the foundations for "One CMIC".

  • Creativity

    By placing participants in an unusual environment, the aim is to change their perspectives and thinking and endlessly heighten their thinking in the direction of new ideas and challenges.

Nakamura Juku

"Nakamura Juku" is an in-housebusiness school for executive officers that has so far produced more than 200 graduates. Participants consider how the industry and CMIC Group will change from now on and how we should approach new businesses. Employees having diverse opinions, experiences and expertise gather regardless of gender, age or nationality and conduct thorough discussions. CMIC Group's DNA is found in creating something from nothing. We have actualized numerous businesses out of ideas that were born in Nakamura Juku.

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