Working Environment


CMIC's goal is to continue providing a better future by contributing to the healthcare field based on CMIC‘S CREED.
For that purpose, it is essential for each and every employee to grow while sharing the values of W&3C, i.e.,
Wellbeing (living each moment to the full), Challenge (act as a challenger),
Change (with a new perspective), and Communication (proactively reaching out to people and society).
CMIC has established a HR system that helps employees realize their desired career and encourages their autonomous growth.

For personnel who can set their
own goals and work autonomously.

Point Evaluation System

To promote understanding of human resources development and personnel evaluation, Evaluation Coordination Meetings (Human Resources Development Meetings) are held. Decisions concerning pay raises and promotions are made based on two pillars, i.e., "Exhibited Ability Evaluation", which assesses ability according to grade-separate roles, and "ideas and behavior evaluation", which assesses behavior in light of the values of W&3C. Moreover, bonuses are decided based on the "Achievement/Performance Evaluation", which assesses performance and achievement of individual goals.

Point Self-Assessment System

We have introduced the Self-Assessment System, which allows employees to set their own goals and conduct self-assessments regarding their future career path and skill improvement. Not only does this provide opportunities for employees to review their past experience and ability and proactively think about their future, but it also functions as a communication tool enabling superiors to deeply understand how employees think. Incidentally, contents of self-assessments are not linked to evaluations. Another feature of CMIC is that it provides numerous opportunities for interviews with superiors so that each employee can get closer to realizing their goals.

Point Job Posting

To provide motivated and capable employees with opportunities to take on challenges and pursue autonomous career formation, Job Posting (in-house job openings posting system) is conducted. Decisions about transfers are made based on document screening, however, this system allows employees to design a new career by autonomously making choices within Group companies.