Working Environment


Apart from the group-wide training, CMIC has its own training programs.
These cover a diverse range of contents, for example, strata-separate/theme-based training available to all employees at no cost, an ability measurement tool used by the US Air Force, and so on.
As for English language training, employees can learn according to their own level by selecting from various options ranging from apps and e-learning for casual self-learning to practical document checking and guidance by native English speakers.

Training in CMIC


Human Resources Education (e-learning modules for self-learning)

  • Smart Skill Campus

    We have introduced an e-learning system that all employees (permanent employees and contract employees) can utilize at no cost. This provides abundant hierarchical/theme-based contents by REVIC Global Co., Ltd., which has 50 years of experience in creating tutorial videos and teaching materials.

  • GLOBIS Manabi Hodai ("Manabi Hodai" means you can learn as much as you want)

    This e-learning system is conducted by active service lecturers of the business school GLOBIS. Learners can select courses according to their own level (beginner, intermediate or practical) from abundant categories covering all aspects of business.

Human Resources Education (Business Skills and Mindset Training Contents)

  • SSC Theme-based Training

    Utilizing Smart Skill Campus contents as training themes, this training enables understanding and acquisition of new ideas and business skills through groupwork with emphasis placed on introspection, listening and output.

  • In-Basket Training

    In-basket, which is an ability measurement tool used by the US Air Force, is also utilized by many companies as a test for deciding promotions. This tool reviews employees' work execution capacity and aims to acquire various abilities including the ability to establish order of priority, insight, problem solving ability, and judgment.

English Training

  • Study Supplement ENGLISH

    This English training app is intended to boost English ability. It prepares an environment in which English learning becomes more accessible and habitual.

  • Glova Web School

    This is a e-learning curriculum spanning across multiple levels. Learners can acquire more practical English ability by receiving document checks and guidance from native English lecturers.

  • Clinical English Program(CEP)

    Through role playing and case studies, students learn practical clinical English to enable them to advance in using English at work more smoothly.

  • Clinical CommunicationSkills(CCS)

    Through learning the business skills that are needed for work in English, students can improve their understanding of different cultures and enhance their negotiation and presentation abilities.

  • Overseas Short-term Study (for persons recommended by their departments)

    This program, which entails overseas study in the Philippines, allows students to brush up their intermediate level English ability in a short period. Support is provided until students become able to use English in actual work.